In Japan, Midori means "green". This name was chosen for this neighborhood as we are creating a sustainable "green" development from the ground up. 


Midori is crafted to create a community that encourages neighborhood interaction. The community will encompass 10 homes, all of which will be clustered around landscaped pedestrian courtyards. These courtyards will serve as the primary pedestrian access to the homes. Vehicular access to homes will be via short motor courts separated from the pedestrian courts.

Indeed, Vehicles are designed to take a back seat in Midori, with the emphasis on pedestrian access and connections. Vehicle access will be by a circular private drive.  This concept was taken from communities in the Pacific Northwest that utilize “Woonerf” streets. These are streets that are designed primarily for pedestrians, where the cars take the back seat. This is in contrast the normal neighborhood where everything is designed around vehicular circulation. This drive is narrow, at 20 feet, and meanders through the community. This will encourage traffic to slow through the community.