In Japan, Midori means "green". This name was chosen for this neighborhood as we are creating a sustainable "green" development from the ground up. 

County Commissioners approve Midori!

On July 6th, the Larimer County board of Commissioners approved are preliminary plat and zoning. This was the last public hearing for the development. Now we will prepare the final plat application which inlcudes final civil plans as well. We will be submitting this in early August most likely. The rest of the process is purely administrative with county staff. Our zoning has been approved, so now we are just adding final details to the plans, and working towards final approval. We have also been working on getting preliminary estimates from contractors, creating budgets, and will be selecting a general contractor soon. Of course, like every other builder and developer, we are still searching for funding in these difficult financial times, but we feel certain we will find funding. More to come.

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