In Japan, Midori means "green". This name was chosen for this neighborhood as we are creating a sustainable "green" development from the ground up. 

Spring Update

It has been awhile since we last posted any status updates. As is well known, the development industry has been in a bit of an upheaval in the last couple of years, particularly the financial markets. We here at Ecosphere have been patiently awaiting the market to get better.

Midori is still a very active project. We have been working on finding ways to fund the development, from traditional banks to non-traditional sources. All we can say at this point, is we are still working on it. Our hope is to break ground in the spring of 2011.

We are caught in a bit of a catch-22. To get lender interest, obviously they would like to see some strong pre-sales. Of course, in order to get those pre-sales, buyers want to be assured the project will get built in a timely manner. We do continue to get buyer interest in the neighborhood.

If you are interested, and would be interested in a lot reservation (fully refundable), please contact Lara at The Green Team.

September Update

We have now completed our final infrastructure plans, and are getting ready to submit for the final plat. This process should be complete in a two-three months. As with almost all other developments, we have been hit by the credit crunch, mostly in being able to obtain needed financing to install the utility lines, roads, etc., in order for us to have sale-able and build-able lots. We are working diligently on this and are pursuing all sources, including private equity financing. Right now, our goal is to break ground in the February to March timeframe, but this is dependent upon getting funding.

We will keep you updated! If you also have any ideas, please let us know.

County Commissioners approve Midori!

On July 6th, the Larimer County board of Commissioners approved are preliminary plat and zoning. This was the last public hearing for the development. Now we will prepare the final plat application which inlcudes final civil plans as well. We will be submitting this in early August most likely. The rest of the process is purely administrative with county staff. Our zoning has been approved, so now we are just adding final details to the plans, and working towards final approval. We have also been working on getting preliminary estimates from contractors, creating budgets, and will be selecting a general contractor soon. Of course, like every other builder and developer, we are still searching for funding in these difficult financial times, but we feel certain we will find funding. More to come.


Tonight we recieved approval from the county commisioners for Midori. The next step is County Commissioners. We are one more step closer!

Planning Commission Hearing Tonight

Tonight we on schedule for our first planning commission hearing at 6:30pm in the county commissioners hearing room. While we are on consent for the agenda, and do not anticipate any problems, we would welcome anyone who wants to come and support us! We are scheduled to be heard before the County Commissioners later in June. I will let you all know when that will happen. After that we are on to final plat, and nearing the finishe line!

Public Hearings

We are finally scheduled for a public hearing in front of the Larimer County Planning Commission on March 20th at 6:30 pm. You are all welcome to attend this hearing and lend your support to Midori!

New Website is Under Construction

We are currently updating our site to a WordPress based format, which will include this interactive blog. However, we had to take down our old site to switch over. Please be patient as we get our site rebuilt as fast as possible, with new information! Unfortunately, it seems with WordPress you have to do it live, rather than get it all set up, and then post the whole site at once. Or at least I havn’t figured it out how to do that yet.