In Japan, Midori means "green". This name was chosen for this neighborhood as we are creating a sustainable "green" development from the ground up. 

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 Iris                       One of the major design goals for Midori is to create a neighborhood that is conceived as green from the ground up. A key goal is to minimize the footprint on the land, reducing hardscape, preserving existing trees, deconstructing and reusing materials on site, implementing water conserving landscaping, and many more. We are aso incorporating integrated storm water design and management. While the details still need to be worked out, we are exploring options with permeable pavement, bioswales, multiple small ponds, and infiltration basins.


Cottage Home.jpgWe arn’t stopping with just the site. Each home will also be required to meet or preferably exceed the standards of one of the built green programs such as LEED, Energy Star, the Built Green Program, or similar. We are also looking into the applications of PV solar energy, community geo-thermal, as well as other renewable forms of energy.

The homes will be designed to be timeless, yet attaining a sense of whimsy and individuality. Front yard living spaces will be required, such as deep covered porches or a front courtyard that is sympathetic to the architecure of the home. Care will be taken in the siting of the homes to ensure privacy between homes, and creating private outdoor living spaces.


Gardens.jpgMidori is designed to be a real community of eco minded residents. All homes face walkways that wander throughout the community providing connections to each home, as well as the community gardens and gathering areas. To encourage social interaction, we will be providing a space for community gardens where you can grow vegetables, flowers, or whatever your heart desires. There will be fruit trees throughout the community, raspberry patches, service berry shrubs, and all kinds of edible landscape.

A unique feature of our community will be a storage shed, where community lawn mowers will be kept, trimmers, and other tools that are not used on a regular basis. Why should everyone have an item they only use a few times a year? Why not share them!

apple-16.jpgLandscaping will be the final key component of the green design at Midori. Irrigated turf grass will be kept to a minimum, located within gathering areas, or small private yards. Most of the community will be landscaped with dryland grasses, perennial and shrub beds, and community garden areas. Careful attention will also be paid to screening of neighboring homes from vehicular traffic.